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Toe Nail Fungus and Finger Nail Fungus Lotion

Nail Fungus Toe Nail Fungus Lotion.Toenail & Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis).

One bottle is good enough for the total growth of 2 to 3 new healthy nails without surgicaly removing of the infected nails.

Toenails and fingernails are hiding places for dirt and germs, and can become a home for infection-causing fungi. Fungi are plant organisms, such as mold and mildew. An infection of the nails can be fungus invading the nail and actually living off of it. A fungal infection is one of the most difficult nail conditions to treat. Its symptoms include thickening and discoloration of the nail.

In some cases, the nail may crumble. The first sign of a fungal infection of the nail is a change in color. The nail often becomes yellow then brown. It gets thicker and develops a bad odor. Debris may collect beneath the nail and white marks frequently appear on the nail. The infection can spread to other nails and even the skin.

Toenails are affected more frequently than finger nails and is likely to happen more frequently with age. Lamisil is expensive. If you buy Lamisil over the internet from a reputable source such as or you can expect to pay about $8.30 per pill or about $250.00 for each month of treatment.

ANTI FUNGUS LOTION FOR NAIL AND SKIN: We receive congratulations from many clients that are surprised with its effectiviness. People who could not get cured with the best and most famous anti fungus treatments, are now free of such problems thanks to our product. It is absolutelly natural, its ingredients are extracts of:

It is a natural resin and sap blend, absolutely nontoxic and easy to apply. It doesn't built up, requires only one drop per infected nail once a day until a healthy, well shaped, and natural colored new nail is grown in (up to 6 months). You should see a significant improvement within the first 4 weeks. It is also effective in most skin fungus infections.

21 ml Bottle

1 Bottle $21.95
Save 10% 6 Bottles $118.55

Because nail fungus grows slowly, it is hard to eliminate. The anti fungal medications that eliminate the fungus are strong, must be taken by mouth, and must be taken conscientiously for months in order to be effective. Each drug has potential side effects on other body organs (especially the liver, skin, or bone marrow). To monitor for side effects, periodic blood testing must be obtained, usually monthly, during the time you take the medication. Any symptoms suggesting organ damage should be reported immediately to your physician, such as: unusual fatigue, severe loss of appetite, nausea, yellow eyes, dark urine, pale stool, skin rashes, bleeding, enlarged lymph glands, or signs of infection.

How effective are the medications at curing nail fungus? The anti fungal medications usually suppress the nail infection when taken as directed. Unfortunately, they cannot guarantee permanent cure. At least 1 in 5 patients (20%) and probably more will have a recurrence of the original nail infection at some time, and re-treatment with medication would be necessary.

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