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Agaricus blazei murill mushrooms are unique organisms, stationary like a plant, yet built from chitin (ki -tin) like the shell of a lobster. Understanding the properties of chitin is the key to understanding how to choose an effective, high quality medicinal mushroom product.

Chitin is indigestible by humans, yet the chitin, which makes up the cell walls of mushrooms, contains the potent immune building compounds common to all medicinal mushrooms, the polysaccharides. Indisputably, only heat can break down the indigestible chitin and release the active compounds into a concentrated, bio-available form.

Therefore Agaricus blazei Murill mushrooms are always prepared with heat and water, as a tea or a decoction and never used in the un-extracted form (as dried mushroom powder or dried mycelium powder), and never prepared as a tincture (soaked in alcohol alone in the absence of heat).



Agaricus Liquid Extract ABM
Agaricus blazei Murill, extract, 120 ml bottle.

..In the seventies, two researchers from Penn State visited the Sao Paulo, Brazil area and discovered the local natives to be extremely healthy with a very low rate of disease. The longevity rate was disproportionately high with people living well over 100. Their secret? It was a simple mushroom, they told the researchers, the agaricus mushroom (Agaricus Blazei Murill or ABM).

Active Ingredients of Agaricus Blazei
Beta-(1-3)-D-glucan, Beta-(1-4)-a -D-glucan & Beta - (1-6)-D-glucan. Known collectively as Beta Glucan, these substances are the most potent immunopotentiating (immune enhancing) substances yet found. They also have very powerful anti-tumor properties.

It is thought by most scientists that the anti-tumor properties of these chemicals are directly resultant from the immune enhancement. That is, the beta-glucans do not directly cause the anti-tumor effect, but rather they trigger the bodies' own anti-tumor response. This is relatively easy to measure, as the human body produces a type of anti-tumor white blood cell known as NKC - Natural Killer cells (NK cells). When human subjects are given BLAZEI in their diet, a 300% increase of NK cells in the blood is seen within 2-4 days.

Natural Killer Cells - Agaricus Blazei
Natural killer cells were named for their ability to spontaneously kill cancer cells. As part of the body’s innate immunity, they also secrete a protein called interferon-gamma, which rallies the rest of the immune system against infected cells.

By responding as soon as a damaged cell appears, natural killer cells defend the body while other immune cells are gearing up for action. Their radar system for detecting cells that need to be destroyed consists of a large array of related protein receptors. These activation receptors sit on the natural killer cell surface.

Natural killer cells are best known for their capacity to kill tumor cells before they become established cancers, but there has also long been evidence for their role in controlling infection in the earliest phases of the body’s immune response.

One of the primary objectives of immune system stimulation is to increase the number and vitality of Natural Killer Cells. Natural Killer (NK) Cells are large immune cells which have been shown to attack cancer cells and cells infected by viruses. NK Cells destroy their targets by releasing substances that damage the offending cell, leading to an immune response that eliminates the cell.

Agaricus blazei is a variety of mushroom purported to have anti-carcinogenic potential. Research conducted with Agaricus blazei extract (provided by Los Angeles-based Atlas World USA) indicated that it can topically and orally prevent lesions associated with skin cancer, as well as inhibit the growth of various human tumor cell lines in vitro. Research out of the Universidade Estadual de Londrina in Brazil indicated that in addition to possessing anti-carcinogenic potential, an extract of Agaricus blazei exhibited antimutagenic effects in vitro. Researchers evaluated the effects of the extract on Chinese hamster V79 cells under three temperatures and concluded that the mushroom was not mutagenic itself, and it was an efficient antimutagen in all concentrations and preparations tested.

Dr. W. J. Sinden from University of Pennsylvania and Dr. E. D. Lambert from Lambert Laboratories were the first to present their research results on medicinal compounds of Agaricus blazei. Their presentation attracted attention of the medical community to this mushroom. Former President Ronald Reagan used this mushroom to fight his skin cancer, which helped publicize Agaricus Blazei.

The active components of Agaricus blazei are believed to be its polysaccharides, beta 1,3-glucan and beta 1,6-glucan. These beta glucans are thought to stimulate immune activity, specifically the T-cell subsets, thereby inhibiting tumor formation.

The Agaricus blazei mushroom contains a specific polysaccharide called beta glucan. The beta-D-glucan and other polysaccharides specifically activate the immune system's cells (such as macrophages, interferon, T cells, and natural killer cells) in order to prevent the multiplication, metastasis (spreading) and recurrence of cancer cells.

Everyone can benefit from enhancement of his or her immune system to provide a longer and better quality life. All of us are subjected to the immune suppressing action of aging, environmental contaminants, chemicals in food and water, disease and the stresses of a fast paced lifestyle. Agaricus Blazei mushrooms are nutritional dietary food supplements with an active ingredient proven by research to be an incredibly effective enhancing agent to the immune system.

Agaricus Blazei mushroom is widely recognized as an exceptional natural supplement for its claimed anti-cancer and immunity enhancing effects, to the point where it is used for AIDS treatment. In Japan, intensive research has been done with guinea pigs reveal that the mushroom prevents cancer development 99.4% and cures cancer 90.0%. Now, several active ingredients have been identified.

Anti-tumor effects come from polysaccharides including "beta/ alpha/ xylo/ galacto/ and protein glucan. And steroids, nucleic acids, lipids and lectin are known to have cancer inhibition properties.

Agaricus Blazei - Immune Stimulant
1- Anti-tumor effect: Polysaccharides including beta and protein glucan decrease and control cancerous cell proliferation.
2- Cancer inhibition effect: Steroids, nucleic acids, lipids and lectin restrain cancerous cell multiplication.
3- Anti-cancer and metastasis inhibition effect: Agaricus blazei prevents normal cells from becoming cancerous cells. The mushroom shows a remarkable cancer prevention rate of 99.4%.

4- Reducing blood sugar: The mushroom is effective in fighting diabetes. A medicinal mushroom called Agaricus blazei.
the very first study on Agaricus and glucose metabolism occurred just two years ago. And the results of the trial were so stunning that I'll bet scientists everywhere are kicking themselves for not testing it sooner. Researchers found that the mushroom actually boosted adiponectin levels. More adiponectin means your body can stop working overtime... because it can clear sugar from your blood quickly and efficiently -- just the way it's supposed to.

And that means you'll...

    * Have plenty of energy to get through the day -- without feeling like you're running on fumes
    * Be able to ENJOY your food -- without guilt and without worrying
    * Shake those nasty mood swings that always happen at the worst possible time
    * Finally have complete blood sugar control!

5- Controlling blood pressure: It lowers cholesterol level and eases arteriosclerosis.

Summary for Agaricus Blazei
Research studies over the last 25 years have shown Agaricus Blazei to stimulate the immune system and promote natural mechanisms to battle infectious disease and cancers. Agaricus Blazei stimulates lymphocyte T-cell and Helper T-cell production. The polysaccharide contained in Agaricus Blazei stimulates production of interferon and interleukin that indirectly function to destroy and prevent the proliferation of cancer cells. Also, Agaricus Blazei turned out to be a very powerful antiviral agent preventing viruses from entering tissues.

Normally, the polysaccharides found in fungus only affect solid cancers, however the polysaccharide in Agaricus Blazei is effective against Ehrich's ascites carcinoma, sigmoid colonic cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate, and liver cancer as well as against solid cancers.

In Japan, Agaricus Blazei was found to eliminate all cancerous tumors in 90% of the experimental mice. Additionally, when the mice were fed Agaricus Blazei as a preventative and then injected with a very powerful cancer causing agent (Sarcoma 180), 99.4% of them showed no tumor growth. Conventional medicine has nothing as powerful as this.

The studies in Japan showed Agaricus Blazei to be 80% more effective than the world's number one cancer drug, PSK. It contains much higher levels of beta glucans than the other medicinal mushrooms (Maitake, Shiitake, and Reishi). It stimulates NK (Natural Killer) cell activity at a rate higher than MGN-3.

There are large numbers of patients for whom there are no effective allopathic treatments or for whom the available therapies are either poorly tolerated or only partially helpful. A physician who has the knowledge to help these patients is working with a tremendous advantage.

Agaricus Blazei mushrooms: the following people may obtain beneficial results from Agaricus mushrooms due to the active ingredient, Beta-1,3 / 1,6-glucan:

Other than an allergy to mushrooms, there is no known reason to avoid this herb. No side effects have been reported in Japan, where the product has been in use as a dietary supplement for over eight years. The most common side effects of other mushroom products are nausea and upset stomach.

4 oz (120 ml) Bottle:
Suggested Therapuetic Dosage:
5ml (1 teaspoon) in a glass of liquid 3 to 5 times daily or as recommended by your health provider.

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